Once again, I’ve thought to myself that I too often write blog posts about misunderstandings and awkward situations that I find myself in, and not really nice things that happen to me. So today’s blog post will be a about a nice thing.

When I was growing up, I had two brothers but I always hoped that I would one day have a sister too. In fact, I would sometimes even dream about having a sister with whom I got along with very well. But, of course, it never happened and I never really thought about it as I got older. This provides some useful background information for the story I’m about to tell.

During my university years, I made some very good friends. One year, shortly before Christmas, I had arranged to have a nice day with one of them before they returned home to their family for Christmas. I know she doesn’t really like her name to appear online, so I shan’t mention it, but the point is the pair of us had a very nice day.

It was cold and wintery outside, but comforting and warm in. We drew pictures, listened to music, watched DVDs and had a lovely time before dinner, when we headed out into Bath town. Once there, we got to enjoy the beautiful Christmas lights and then a delicious meal at Nando’s (which, though I don’t mention it often on this blog, is my favourite restaurant chain.)

Throughout the day, I had had a little bit of back pain. Being quite tall, this is occasionally an issue for me. As my friend is a very kind person, she offered to give me a massage to help it. So at the end of the day (and just after a nice meditation session) she give me a really nice massage before bed – it did help to relieve the aching and I liked it a lot. After that, she asked me if I’d mind massaging her shoulders too. I hadn’t done anything like that before, but I said I would try and she seemed to quite like it.

“You know,” she said mid-massage, “I feel lucky I met you. I can trust you entirely. Meeting you was like gaining a new brother. A big brother who always looks out for me.”

“Oh my,” I said, overcome with positive emotion. “That’s very nice of you to say. Knowing you is like having a sister too – a big sister who always looks out for me.”

Then we had a nice long hug before going to bed. As I went to sleep, I remember feeling totally happy and content. That day is a very fond memory which I can escape into whenever I feel a little sad.  My “sister” has now been a very positive addition to my life for almost six years. She’s one of the most caring and considerate people I know and though circumstances mean we may not see each other as often these days, I look forward to the experiences which we will share in future. I don’t like to designate a “best” friend, but if I were forced to do so, she’d been one of a very small number who might fit that description. Today is her birthday and I thought this could be a nice way to reflect her importance to me.

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