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I’ve been filled with a renewed sense of vigor about this blog recently. Today I use a site which gives a free valuation of websites and it turns out that my blog is now about ten times more valuable than it was a few years ago (when I last did one of these.) I guess a big part of this stems from the fact that I now have a domain and, including the non-domain years, I have been updating with new posts since 2011. A long time!

Once I found out the value of my site, I decided to investigate how much all of the content I’ve written on here is worth. As a freelancer, I like to charge 2.5p per word for my writing. Had I been paid my regular rate for all of my work on this blog, how much would I have been paid? Well, a rough estimate based on how many blog posts I’ve written and how long they usually are,  I’ve probably written 450,000 words on here – the equivalent of a very long novel! I’d have been paid well over £100,000 for that if I were on my usual rate.

Seeing that my site has increased in value has helped to inspire me. I am now even more dedicated to keeping it going and to providing the best blog posts I can do. I guess it just goes to show the value of blogging. It’s been something which has been essential to the progression of my career and now, it seems, it has become something which carries a good level of value all on its own.

It’s funny though, because as I said to a friend of mine, I only ever talk about how much I like reading, how much I like playing games or how much I like my friends. I don’t really say much else.

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