Sleep Appreciation

I’ve recently been doing some unpaid work experience at The Job Centre Plus in Chippenham. Despite the lack of pay, this is, in fact, virtually a full time job (albeit four days a week) and so, of course, I have to get up early on those days. I don’t have a problem with getting up early at all, but with no commitments to get up for, I’ll usually stay in bed until 12 p.m.

The problem with this is that I take it for granted; I became a university student in 2011 and graduated in 2014. While I was there, I rarely had to get up that early and, if I did, I could just avoid it by sleeping over with friends who lived near the university. Since graduation I’ve had a couple of temporary jobs, but nothing that required me to get up early. So, really, I haven’t been regularly getting up early in about three and a half years.

Without getting up early very often, I realise now that I was failing to fully appreciate a large number of hours’ sleep. Just this Saturday I accidentally forgot to set my regular 12 p.m. alarm clock and woke up at 12:44 p.m. and, my goodness, my goodness, the almost twelve hours I got (after becoming used to six) was complete ecstasy. I guess, to summarise this article, I’ll just say the best thing about getting up early is getting to get up late again in afterward!

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