Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis is what it’s called when your mind wakes up, but your body remains asleep. You’re conscious, but you can’t move. It’s something which has always fascinated me, so I felt very fortunate when I experienced it for the first time recently.

Apparently, it’s an experience which can be quite distressing for a lot of people, but I was quite excited the entire time – perhaps because I was completely aware of what was happening. I guess it’s yet another case where knowledge is power.

I’m sure I opened my eyes and I was looking down at my body stretched out down the bed. I tried to move, but soon realised that I couldn’t. I tried sitting up, but it was as if I had a great weight pushing me down. I tried to resist it a few times, but I really couldn’t move at all.

What was most interesting for me, was how it felt when I tried to move my arms and legs. It felt just like I was moving them, but I could see that I was not. I suppose the easiest way to describe that would be to say that it felt like my soul was moving while my body remained still. Curiously, the further I moved these phantom limbs from their actual locations, the colder they felt – and I was feeling properly ice cold sensations when I really tried moving my hands.

Were I not familiar with sleep paralysis and the strange tricks that the human brain can play, this could have been quite a spiritual and life-changing experience for me. I can easily see how somebody might go through that and then be completely convinced about the existence of a soul and some spiritual level of existence.

Having said that, I’d hate to imply that the experience was cheapened for me at all by it not being at all spiritual. It was interesting and exciting! It opened my eyes to new things that a person can experience. I hope that I’ll have it happen again one day.

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