I recently got myself a smartphone for the first time, and I love it! I’m not one to generally replace my phone on a regular basis and I got the phone I had before this in 2011, so it felt like time for a change. I’m very pleased to find all of the new features that the smartphone has and it’s also nice to see how user friendly it is. I’m sure it probably seems extra good to me because my previous phone had been held back for several months due to the fact that it was quite badly broken. What’s especially exciting for me is the potential that it bring to this blog: firstly, I am able to write blog posts on it, which means I shouldn’t have to miss updating during times when I may be away and, secondly, it gives me access to smartphone games, meaning that I can make my range of video game reviews just a little more comprehensive. I’m especially excited for Nintendo’s upcoming range. So apologies if this is a bit of a boring “update” post, but it’s something I’m quite excited about at the moment and wanted to share!

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