Snapshot 1

Over the years, we had slowly grown resentful of each other. We’d both wronged each other in some ways, but despite the negative feelings which had emerged, deep down I believe we both cared for each other. The origins of our friendship had been pure and innocent and nothing could change the fact that that was the seed from which it had all grown.

Nonetheless, I decided that it was best for us to part ways. I saw that I had two options: option 1 was a negative and confrontational ending and option 2 was a happy ending, of sorts.  Guess which one I chose? Circumstances meant that we wouldn’t be seeing much of each other anyway, so I decided we should have a one on one dinner to mark the occasion. I remember calling it a “Goodbye Meal” but while it was publicly a goodbye for now, inside it was goodbye forever.

So for one evening and for one dinner, we went back to the way that we had been. We were friendly, we made each other laugh, we didn’t worry about all the tensions. We were just two friends having dinner together and that was quite nice.

During the meal, you accidentally spilled a glass of orange juice over my food – which I ate anyway. It was disgusting. Perhaps a perfect allegory for our friendship: you’d do things and feel bad, I’d insist it was fine, but actually be kind of annoyed. When you’re young, you don’t recognise unhealthy habits so easily.

At the end of the meal, you drove me back home. I remember our last words distinctly. “See you later,” you said. I smiled, knowing that that was not the case at all and said only “yes.” I watched you drive away and thought excitedly of a future free from the chains of the past.

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