The Unending Growth of the Broken Heart

I like to think that each time we meet somebody, our heart grows a little bigger. It grows bigger to accommodate the feelings of love and affection that we hold for that person. When a person leaves our lives, our hearts don’t shrink, but a part of them disappears. When we’re left with these holes in our hearts, they can’t ever be filled by anything other than those same people. But that doesn’t mean it can’t keep growing – and it will do, every time a new bond is forged.

The pain of a heartbreak will never lessen, but it will seem to. As the heart grows from feeding off the positive energy of new relationships, the pain of the older holes begins to feel comparatively smaller. The balance will sometimes change, as people come and go and hopefully we can go through our lives with the number of holes remaining small – and I do think it’s very true that past emotional pain doesn’t cease to hurt (they will if you focus on them) and instead gets lost among later, more positive influences.

While there’s always the capacity for the heart to grow, there’s always a reason to keep going and a chance that the huge hole in your life will one day take up only a small space on your massive, massive heart.

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