Some Changes Around Here

For a while now, Friday has been the day when I post a Finger Puppet Show comic strip, but now I’ve given the Finger Puppet Show its own site. The reason for this, is that Weebly struggles to show strips at the original size at times, and sometimes makes them hard to read, whereas this new site is actually designed for webcomics and has no such problem. So, strips will now be posted exclusively there and every Friday will be a regular entry just like any other day. Having said that, I’ll post links at the bottom of the Friday entries, just to be sure nobody misses the new strips. But, yes, no major change, but I thought I’d write this to avoid confusing anybody! Also, a link to the new Finger Puppet Show site will always be available from here: simply click ‘Finger Puppet Show’ under the blog’s banner. Thanks for reading 🙂
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