Top 10 Creepiest Characters/Creatures in Video Games (with Rhino Water)

As you my remember, my good friend Rhino Water contributed a countdown to this blog during my week of entries by others. So this gave me the idea that it could be quite fun if the pair of us made our own version of a countdown and then posted them together to see there similarities, and that is exactly what today’s entry is! I must admit, I found it very difficult to make this list, when I thought about it, there weren’t that many creepy things I’d seen in games. I really wanted to include Slender Man (who’s really me, by the way) since he is very creepy in the Slender game, but since he’s really a game character, I didn’t include him. Anyway, without furthur ado, here is our countdown:

Rhino Water: Number 10 is from Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon. It’s the third boss: Scorch. Yeah he was creepy when I first saw him. He was a monster to end all monsters… he failed. But he was creepy and he can make baby monsters with his mouth. He throws it out and, boom, an egg comes out creating monsters. Still no match for the awesome dragon Spyro though. He no longer haunts me, but the next nine, they do.

Adam: For me, Number 10 comes from the Pokémon series. My choice is Missingno. I guess this may be a bit of an odd choice, since Missingno is a glitch, rather than something which came about after the game designers sat down and thought “Let’s make something creepy!” But that doesn’t change the fact that Missingno is a creepy creature that exists in a game. Basically, after fulfilling a very strange set of requirements, a battle will start and the wild Pokémon will be a glitched set of pixels called Missingno. You can catch it and it’s extremely powerful, but doing so makes the whole world become very glitchy. All of this is good reason, I think, for this reality warping abomination to be tenth.

Rhino Water: Number 9 is from a Donkey Kong game: Donkey Kong: Jungle Climber. It is the ghost. The ghost is creepy:
1) You can’t kill them.
2) To not get hurt you have to not move.
3) If they do hit you they go right up to the screen and scream.
Yeah, that made me jump and it does not help the fact that creepy music is in the background.

Adam: My Number 9 is one that people might not think of as creepy at all. From the Super Smash Bros. series, I chose Giga Bowser. Why, you ask? Well, we all know Bowser; he’s that loveable villain from the Super Mario Bros. series. He’s nice, safe and predictable. But then in Super Smash Bros. Melee, all of a sudden he transforms into a horrifying beast with disproportionate body parts. I found that very creepy and unexpected.

Rhino Water: Number 8 is… Hey, Crash Bandicoot! I like Crash but I don’t like Fake Crash. I mean, Evil Crash from Crash Twinsanity is cool but Fake Crash, no. I get scared of him.
1) He looks stupid.
2) He appears in some random levels.
3) His eye brows are spooky.
Oh no, this is only Number 8, it is only going to get more creepy…

Adam: Funnily enough, my Number 8 is kind of an evil copy of somebody too. I chose the SA-X from the game Metroid Fusion. Now, looking at the picture, you’ll see that it is basically just another Samus, and that’s true, but that’s not why it’s creepy. In the story Samus gets some kind of infection and needs to have her suit removed, but it can’t all come off or she’ll die, so they just take off all of the most powerful parts… Which then become possessed and come after you! You’ll be going through an area, then suddenly a wall will explode because an extremely powerful, invincible version of you has knocked it down, and is now heading your way… All you can do is run.

Rhino Water: Number 7 is from Pokémon, and no it is not a Pokémon, it is a Pokémon trainer. From Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, it is Greevil. Yeah, if you see his eyes, you will be creeped out. Man, his eyes are creepy! And he is just spooky in a spooky way. Yeah, I don’t like people who are spooky in a spooky way and who have creepy eyes.

Adam: My Number 7 comes from Super Paper Mario. I’m sure anybody who’s played the game will know that I’m going to pick Mimi. Now, for those who don’t know, Mimi starts out looking like a regular little girl (or, as regular as people can look in a cartoony series) but then at one point her neck suddenly breaks, giant spider legs come out of her head, and she starts chasing you around a haunted house… That place is huge too, so you spend quite some time running away from this monster.

Rhino Water: Number 6 is… Hey, Rayman. This next creepy person is, well, creepy in a creepy place and his name is Jano. He sends Rayman to the Cave of Bad Dreams and that place is spooky. But it gets worse once Jano has found Rayman; he comes from the ground like a zombie and says in a creepy voice says “uhhhhhhh, your trip ends here.” Then Rayman runs away and your screen shows the view from behind his jaws as he is trying to eat Rayman. But once you are away from him he battles you and he fires fire balls at you. Okay, not scary. But then he throws skulls at you. Yes, creepy again! Jano is very creepy, but he just missed out on the top five…

Adam: I’m picking another Pokémon for Number 6, but this one is creepy through design, rather than just being a glitch. My choice is Confagrigus. As you can see from the picture, it’s a coffin with four arms, and when you play it’s just moving erratically all over the place with its arms grabbing in each and every direction. His cry is pretty creepy to. But the best thing is, I can just capture one and then use it whenever I like!

Rhino Water: Number 5 is… Hey, a horror game: Castlevania: Judgement. No, it is not Death. But what is worse than Death or Dracula? Well, something that looks like them both combined. Yes it is the Time Reaper. The Time Reaper is very hard, I mean creepy hard, like “Ahhh, this is hard!” and also it made me jump when I first saw him. But, hey, I beat him. Well, that was creepy too. I mean, once you beat him all that is left is his skull and then it crumbles then it’s just his glowing eyes and then the Time Reaper is dead. Yay a creepy thing is dead!

Adam: My Number 5, is my friend’s Number 6, so, I guess I don’t have to say much, or I’d just be repeating him!

Rhino Water: Number 4 is… Hey, Mario is not scary. I mean, King Boo is not… Well, except in Luigi’s Mansion. King boo is actually scary. Ahh! Just by looking at it, it’s scary. Ahh! Let’s go onto the next one before I get too scared.

Adam: Number 4… This comes from The Legend of Zelda series, specifically Ocarina of Time. I chose the ReDeads. Now, every other thing on this list is something I think is kinda creepy, but this is the first that actually scared me. I’ll admit that I’m no longer scared of ReDeads, but when I was first playing the game I was terrified of them. They make this really creepy groaning noise, paralyse Link with fear and then jump on his back and start eating him once they get close enough…

Rhino Water: Number 3 is… Hey, who plays Bust a Move 4? What an awesome game. The villain is Dreg, but his robot is creepy. Madame Luna. It may not look scary, but it is a love maniac and ahhhh it scared me! I mean, if you were a kid you would get scared of it. If Madame Luna wins, well, she goes right up to the screen and kisses it. Yeah, I try to beat her because she is scary. Don’t kiss me.

Adam: I also picked one from the Donkey Kong series. My Number 3, Kackle, comes from my favourite game ever: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest. In one level you get onto some kind of rollercoaster ride in a haunted house, and then Kackle starts chasing you. There is a timer that appears on screen, and when it reaches zero, he catches you. It might be because I played it when very young, but this is another that actually scared me at one point in my life.

Rhino Water: Number 2 is… Hey, Kingdom Hearts! Hey, who likes the heartless? Well, the heartless are cool but what about a ghost heartless? Just like King Boo this thing is creepy. I mean, his eyes have popped out. And, ahhh, it’s scary battling it too. But, wait, something is creepier then this thing? Oh no.

Adam: Number 2 comes from the Metal Gear series. This is actually the only thing on this list from an ‘adult’ game series, which I guess gives a good impression of what kinds of games we like to play! But anyway, my choice is The Sorrow. In Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater you find yourself wandering through a river in the fog, while The Sorrow flies around just ahead of you, beckoning you onward. It’s a boss fight, but, right from the start The Sorrow’s health gauge is empty. As you walk further and further down the river, the tormented souls of all the people you’ve killed come walking by too… An excellently creepy and atmospheric moment.

Rhino Water: Number 1 is… WARNING: this next character is scary and if you get scared easily do not look this up on Google images. This one is from the Sonic series. Hey Tails, how are you? Tails is awesome. I wonder what he would look like if he was a doll. Huh. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Scary. Yes, Number 1 is the Tails Doll. You won’t last a second of looking at the Tails Doll. It’s creepy. Just saying its name is creepy. In fact, it’s so scary that it can make adults cry. I mean, I love Tails. I never thought Tails could be scary. But the Tails Doll is so scary, even just to think about. Why Sega, why did you come up with this Tails Doll? The Tails Doll is in my nightmares. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Yes, the Tails Doll is the creepiest thing I have ever seen in games, and not just games either, but in movies too. The Tails Doll, go away! In fact I am stopping this countdown now. THE END


(there is a picture of the Tails Doll below, so, I guess you might like to stop scrolling)

Adam: My Number 1 is another from The Legend of Zelda series, specifically Majora’s Mask, which may well be the creepiest Zelda game. In this game, you can visit a ranch and there’s a little girl on the ranch who acts very strangely.  You also know that something bad has happened there, but you don’t quite know what. Eventually, you can go back in time and see for yourself what happened there, and it was aliens. Referred to only as Them, they come from a strange light in the sky and head towards the ranch all night long, and if you don’t stop Them, they take all the cows and the little girl too, who screams as she’s sucked into the sky… Plus, the music is pretty darn scary too. As of yet, I’ve not seen anything in a game I could call scarier than this.

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