SOPA Sucks

I realise my blog title is awfully critical and that I don’t want my blog to be an awfully critical place, but this SOPA law seems to be to be very bad, so I’m going to have to make an exception in its case… Plus, I do like my blog titles to be alliterative and ‘SOPA Sucks’ certainly achieves this.
Anywho, I want to start this entry by saying that I’m against pirating things over the internet. When I can buy something I never download it for free, it’s just a small principle I have. Having said that, there are lots of films and pieces of music that’re very obscure and are either very difficult to buy commercially or no longer available in any form; when I physically can’t buy something, I will watch or download the music from the internet, and this isn’t something I feel bad about at all. If an obscure artist wasn’t particularly successful when they had their first album out, or if a film wasn’t very widely viewed, then people illegally downloading it on the internet could increase its popularity and then due to all the internet following maybe it would be released commercially again and the artist would begin to make money once again. But with SOPA this will be impossible, any site containing copyright infringement could be taken down entirely.
To summarise I would just like to make a simile of SOPA: Imagine the president of a country saw that another country had a lot of thieves who were coming in and taking back to their homeland, what he does is launch nuclear missiles at the country to stop the thieves. That’s how I see SOPA.

Just to add a small disclaimed, I haven’t thoroughly researched SOPA, I’ve only read a few articles so, if I’ve made any errors here feel free to tell me.

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