Most nights in Corsham there is a group of teenagers who sit around in the empty town and listen to very loud and explicit songs like this. They’re often riding around on their bikes and chatting to one another with a lexicon full of obscenities. I often see them when I’m with one or both of my brothers and after we’ve passed them they’ll always say that they’re idiots and so on, but I always tell them that they shouldn’t judge them because, for all we know, they’re actually really nice people. After all, the only thing they know about this group is their choice of pass time.
    Well, it just so happens that they were sitting around outside Co-Operative Food the other day and I had a small interaction which proved one of us right. There had been a lot of rain that day and so I was wearing my extra big rain jacket with lots of buttons.
    “Your buttons are done up wrong,” said a girl in the group.
    “Oh yes?” I said, thinking I’d been wearing the jacket wrong all these years. “How should it be?”
    “Well, you see,” she stepped forward to where she could clearly point at the buttons, “you accidentally put that button through that hole.” It seems it was just a one off mistake and not a long standing problem after all.
    “Oh, yes, I see! Thank you very much, I shall fix that up right away,” I said, thankful that somebody had been kind of enough to point out my error for me so that I could fix it.
    “That’s alright,” she said, kindly.
    “Bye bye!”
    And so we parted ways. Of course, while I did enjoy our very short conversation due to the fact that somebody was helping me with a fashion related problem out of the kindness of their heart, I was especially pleased with the fact that she was a member of the group that my brothers perceived as nothing but no-good trouble makers. Now that we know that one of them was nice all along, perhaps they’ll accept that they aren’t all the stereotypes they think they are?

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