Stir Crazy

When I recently took a trip to Scotland to visit my friends Rory and Mairi, I ate a few stir fries. Rory has always eaten a lot of stir fries the whole time I’ve known him and I’ve always thought that they looked pretty tasty. When I got back from Scotland (after which point I had been eating them for a few days) I decided they were something I wanted to incorporate into my own diet. Since then, that’s basically what I have for dinner every day. I actually really enjoy it because not only is it especially tasty but it’s also quite healthy and different every time. I always like to put together different vegetables and foods. Peppers, leeks (a vegetable I have quite a sentimental attachment to), red onions and garlic and three of the things I’ve enjoyed the most. Tofu, Quorn Vegan Pieces, chillies (of various kinds), courguettes and parsnips have also made tasty additions. I always like to top it off with a bit of sriracha sauce too. It’s delicious! Plus, there’s something quite satsfying about chopping vegetables… At least when they don’t look too fleshy (then it feels to violent.) Either way, I would heartily recommend making stir fries for yourself more often. I easily make my 5-a-day when I have a stir fry, yet I don’t feel I’m eating anything “boring.” Most of my diet is rice and different kinds of vegetables now and I’m quite happy about that. I look forward to seeing what my future experiments bring me.

Ironically, this one didn't taste that great. I accidentally poured in a bit much oil, which effected the taste. It looked good though.

Ironically, this one didn’t taste that great. I accidentally poured in a bit too much oil in, which spoiled the taste a bit. It looked good though.

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