Strange Lights in the Sky

My hometown, Corsham, has some really rather interesting features (aside from just generally looking pretty). There’s some vast woodland, an abandoned army base, an old haunted bridge and, as well as all that, it also happens to be in Wiltshire: one of the biggest UFO hotspots of the entire world (perhaps this has something to do with the large numbers of army bases around here?).
    At one particular spot in Corsham, you can see quite some distance into other areas of Wiltshire. One thing you can see, on particularly bright days is one of the mysterious white horses which have been made on many hillsides in England. Here’s a link to a picture of one. These white horses are linked to ancient religions, sky deities and the end of times. Plus, as an added bonus, if you ever visit one, it’s quite likely that you may see a crop circle from that high point (I’ve seen on there).
    As such, it’s quite understandable that some people might be a little startled if, while taking a walk during the night, there are strange bright lights which hover in the air above the point where you can see the horse. The lights appear above the hill with the horse (you won’t be able to see the hill or horse at night though, it’s hard to even see it during the day!) pulsate for a while and then disappear. So you might look at these pulsating balls of light and think in a panic “H.G. Wells told us! We’re darned fools!” and expect that the Earth invasion is looming, or that you’ll soon be whisked off into space by the aliens.                 However, to reach an anti-climax, there is a rational explanation for all of this. Behind that hill is an army training ground, as such, these lights are most likely flares fired during practise manoeuvres. So it seems the strange lights in the sky may not be so strange after all, a disappointment to some I’m sure. I like to believe there’s a rational explanation to all of the fantastical and supernatural things in the world, but that is a bit boring isn’t it?
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