Most of my friends have left to go to university which means that I haven’t recently been going out with people, and so also haven’t been gathering any more stories to write in my blog. Luckily, next week is my Fresher’s Week so I should be able to get one of two entries out of it! Although, having said that, these entries are usually about situations are rather unpleasant for me… Maybe I shouldn’t be hoping to get new post material.
    Anywho, as my friends were all night owls (or in other words, they liked to party all night long) it often meant that I would be walking home alone in the middle of the night, usually going through some dark alleyways too. Now, despite what newspapers would have you believe, the outside world is not crawling with rapist paedophiles when you’re outside (or maybe it’s just Corsham). Indeed, I never have encountered any strange people at all on my walks home at night… Except once (effectively making that last sentence a lie).
    On that one occasion I had been happily strolling home as usual (around 12 a.m.) when I turned around the corner in a small dark alleyway. On the other side of this corner was a rather strange looking old man who was just standing there, I thought it was a little odd that he wasn’t moving but assumed that he was a harmless drunkard and decided to carry on my way home.
    However, once I got a little closer to the immobile old man he moved out towards me, blocking my way down the path. I had been very surprised by this rather alarming turn of events, but decided to try and carry on walking. He was, however, rather efficient at blocking, making it rather hard to continue on my way. A few seconds later the old man reached his arm out towards me and carried on towards me. It was a rather odd situation, but I quickly formulated a way to get passed him without seeming rude. I took the man’s hand, shook and said “Good evening!” with a big smile and, as I did so, pulled him a little out of my way so that I could carry on walking home. The old man gave a kind of slurred response that made no real sense to me, and once I was pasted him I increased my pace somewhat and strolled on home.
    I’m not entirely sure what the old man was trying to do, maybe he was actually just looking for a handshake and his drunkenness made it appear somewhat creepy, or maybe he was so far intoxicated that he couldn’t see me and was randomly just stumbling towards me… Who knows? Either way it’s (I hope) an interesting story.
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