StreetPass Quest II

I always appreciated that the 3DS came with a number of free games. SteetPass Quest was one of my favourites and I was very pleased when Nintendo went ahead and added a sequel for free via a software update!

Functionally, it’s very similar to the first game – you recruit the Miis of people you have StreetPassed so that you can use them in a miniature RPG quest. But this time, things have been enhanced. This time there are branching paths, which gives the game much more depth and provides a strong incentive for replaying it afterwards. Different paths will bring you to different enemies, different hazards and different hats for your Miis to unlock.

One new feature I was particularly pleased about is the ability to hire Miis that you’ve StreetPassed before – not only does this give you the option to use your friends’ Miis every time you play, but it also means that if you need a Mii of a certain colour to use a specific type of magic (e.g. a white Mii to vanquish darkness or a blue Mii to put out fire) you don’t just have to wait until you StreetPass somebody who happens to have one in that colour (or to keep hiring wanderers until you get the right colour.)

One thing that is a bit strange though is the fact that your Mii has a son and daughter – both who look exactly the same as them, other than their hairstyle. As well as being king and having children, to what extent is my Mii actually ‘me’ anymore? It’s an interesting, if strange, way to use Mii characters.

Overall, I also think there’s just a nicer level of presentation to this game. The animations look smoother, the monsters look better and I feel that more effort was put into this game. Obviously it’s still a small, novelty game, but it’s a good improvement over its predecessor.

Rating: 6.7/10

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