In the past, I would have a lesson that ended at 7 p.m., then I’d catch a bus from the university into the city and then have an hour’s wait for my bus back home to Corsham. Since, as I’m sure you can guess, waiting around for an hour can be slightly boring, what I’d do to pass the time was to drop by at the house of a couple of friends of mine.

“Well, I’m going to head upstairs now,” said one of my friends after a while. “Be sure not to lose track of time, you don’t want to miss your bus!”

So I said goodbye, and he went upstairs. He was quite right too, I didn’t want to miss my bus. I would always catch the 8:30 p.m. bus, and the next bus after that left at 11 p.m. meaning I would either have to get home really late, or spend the night in Bath.

Sadly, I failed to heed his advice and got so distracted with chatting to my other friend, that it was 8:15 p.m. before I left and the walk to the bus station from their house took between half an hour and forty-five minutes. But I was quite determined not to miss that bus, so I thought I’d try running to the bus station just to see if I could make it. I wasn’t quite wearing appropriate clothes for running though; I was wearing, as I usually do, a long sleeved shirt, a blazer, regular trousers and also, on that particular day, a big pair of walking shoes. My back pack was also quite a hindrance, since there was nothing in it but my laptop and with every step I could feel it bouncing around in there. Once or twice, I had to stop because I thought it was about to fall out.

Realising that I may well miss the bus, I decided to try something else: instead of running to the bus station, I would run to the second bus stop and catch it there, since I perceived that that was slightly closer and it’d also give me an extra couple of minutes. So, I headed towards that and, quite happily, I made it with a couple of seconds to spare. I was pretty exhausted though, but that’s not too surprising I suppose. I looked up the exact distance I’d run on Google Maps and it turns out it had been just over three miles. I’m surprised I made it, to be honest, but then again, it wasn’t the first time I had had an unexpected large amount of running to do…

And so now, whenever my friend (the second of the two mentioned above) introduces me to people, she’ll often tell them that I have a super power: the power to always catch buses on time. Which I suppose is quite a handy ability.

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