Taking Advantage

Something I find interesting is that a lot of people worry about others’ taking advantage of me. A few people have said it lately, but nobody has specifically articulated any specific examples. Why would people think that anybody is taking advantage of me if they don’t have a single example? I think a lot of the reason is that what some people would consider people taking advantage of me, is me deciding to do something which I am happy to do for somebody. I am quite patient when people need help or something from me, but I think a lot of people wrongly assumed that I wasn’t that patient and simply said or did things for fear of not doing so. But I gave it some thought because, of course, because if somebody suggests to me that I have some harmful or unhealthy habits or attitudes, I think it’s important that I reflect on it and am conscious of their concerns. In this particular occasion, I realised that I was being taken advantage of and I had convinced myself that it was a matter of morality and not coercion. Identifying this was difficult, but once I had done so I realised that it was time to make an important change in my life and so that’s exactly what I did. Quite honestly, I feel quite happy.

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