Ten Episode Rule

I’m quite open-minded in the media that I consume. I am always happy to try new things which are suggested to me and I really enjoy quite a broad range of things. At the start of the year, I decided to start watching more anime (as it was a medium I was fairly unfamiliar with) and I’ve seen quite a few animes since then. While doing this, there’s a bit of a pattern that I’ve noticed.

With three separate series, it has taken me approximately ten episodes in order to become properly invested/engrossed with a series. These three series were Assassination Classroom, Steins;Gate and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. I am very pleased I decided to stick with them long enough to become properly hooked, as I think they are all fantastic.

I think, perhaps, that when trying a new television show, you should watch at least ten episodes before you decide whether or not you want to stick with it. I think a really good show will probably have drawn you in within that space of time. Of course I write that knowing that the first ten episodes of Doctor Who (one of my very favourite TV shows) are not that good and certainly not representative of the series at it’s best, so take this with a grain of salt and play it by ear. All I am saying is that you shouldn’t judge something based only on a single episode (or a very small number of episodes.)

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