Tetris Lady

It is my firm belief that Tetris is a very fun game indeed. Some people like to tell me that they think it’s really boring, but then the things they find exciting tend to be quite boring to me. Anyway, this anecdote is something I would like to put forward in Tetris‘s defence as counter-evidence to it being ‘boring’.
    As regular readers will know, I have to catch a lot of buses during my weekly routine, and that, in turn, means that I have to wait for a lot of buses in my weekly routine. To pass the time at the bus station a few weeks ago, I decided that I would play Tetris and try and earn myself a few highscores. Before long the bus had arrived and so I popped my 3DS away and stopped playing.
    “I was watching you play,” said a woman behind me, once I stood up.
    “Oh, I see, I see!” I replied, not quite sure what the correct response was (thank you?).
    “That game where the blocks fall down, what’s it called?” she asked.
    “It’s called Tetris, it’s a favourite of mine.”
    “It looked really fun, how do you play?”
    “Ah, well, the reason it looks very fun, is because it IS very fun. All you do is make the shapes fall so that they’re in straight lines, then the lines disappear and you just have to see how long you can go before they reach the top!”
    “That sounds fun then,” she said, “I shall have to try it one day.”
    “Yes! Yes, you will. You’ll almost certainly enjoy it very much.”
    “I saw a person playing a game with fireworks being launched once,” she told me.
    “Oh, well, that doesn’t sound quite as fun as Tetris…”
    “Well, I’m sure there was more to the game than just launching fireworks, but yes, you’re right.”
    And that was the end of our conversation. But, you see, if Tetris really were such a boring game, would it really attract the attention of a complete stranger and then get them almost completely enthralled in the game? I think not. I realise also, as I get to the end of this entry, that my blog is becoming more and more about documenting small moments that happen to me, rather than the, perhaps, more comprehensive anecdotes of the past. I like that.
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