The Curse of Social Media Marketers

A writer like me is always keen to increase their social media followers; the more people who follow you on social media, the more people who will see your work when you share it. I work as a Content Marketer and a large part of my job involves social media marketing; I’m good at social media marketing and this is the third time I’ve done social media work professionally. I’ve managed to get a large number of new followers for other businesses in the past, yet my own social media feeds lack followers. It’s a bit of a shame, really, but that is the curse of the social media marketer; the business they work for will have lots of followers, because that’s what they’ll dedicate their time to, but when they get home they don’t want to spend more time doing social media marketing for their own accounts… Or, at least, I don’t (and I know I’m not the only one). It’s sad really, because if I had the time to do the same for my own accounts, it could well prove to be very beneficial, but as things are, I just don’t have the time (and social media marketing does take a lot of time.) So, as ironic as it is, social media marketing people quite often have smaller numbers of followers.(Don’t miss today’s Finger Puppet Show!)

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