The Difference a Week Can Make

I started this week, not feeling low, per say, but without any high expectations. I had a couple of social plans which I was looking forward to, but nothing too special. In fact, I predicted that it might even be a little stressful due to a couple of factors.

But, at this point, I can say that it was an excellent week. I’d rather not talk too much about the details, as I will save that for a future blog post, but as it turns out, this week provided me with an amazing unexpected development which brings me so much closer to achieving one of my biggest goals in life. And not only that, but it is pretty life changing too – and for the better! Everything is coming together in ways that I never imagined and I’m so excited.

And what’s wonderful is that you never know when something like this will happen. For all I know, next week will contain equally exciting developments. When I look back at all the best and most exciting things that have happened to me, none of them really happened on a schedule. Every Monday morning when you force yourself out of bed and make your weary way to work, you could be at the start of a week in which everything changes for the better!

I know that may all sound very cliche, but it felt worth nothing, because I didn’t expect anything from this week and then it turned into a very significant turning point! I hope that your upcoming week brings you something similar.

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