The Essence of Beautiful Souls

Though I can’t really describe it in tangible terms, I feel as though all of the people that I am most fond of share a certain quality. What’s interesting is that from that special group, there are people of different backgrounds, age groups, gender identities, sexual orientations, religious beliefs, political inclinations and just about every other differing variable. It’s certainly not that I always go out of my way to befriend a very specific type of person – and yet, something about them remains the same.

So, what is that something? Maybe I’ll never really know what it is, but I will always know it when I see it. When I think about the qualities that I admire most in people, empathy, critical thinking, warmth, kindness and generosity are the things which come to mind. All of these people have these things, but on the other hand, I have met people who share these qualities, but with whom I haven’t quite “clicked.” Although, in those cases, there are always other, negative qualities which cancel out the impact of the positives.

And maybe that’s it – the thing that they have in common is that I feel very fondly for them. I am mistaking my own feelings for people as a quality that they possess. Maybe that’s right, but maybe that’s not. I prefer to think that there’s some essence to all of these people, some aspect of their goodness that I am picking up on and that I have picked up on in 28 people so far.

In my opinion, there are fewer things more rewarding than consolidating a new friendship, getting to know somebody and learning that you can trust them. When I think of all the people that I’ll meet in my life moving forward, it’s exciting to consider that I will have many more opportunities to discover this indescribable essence of beautiful souls. Potentially, the most marvelous thing in the universe.

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