The Eyebrow Game

Just a few weeks ago, a good friend of mine made the observation that I move my face around quite a lot when I talk. They set me the challenge of not raising my eyebrows at all while I spoke to them and this was actually very hard indeed. But, on the other hand, trying to keep my them motionless was a fun challenge. Since then we have turned this into a game to play.
    The rules are easy: you just look each other in the face and have a conversation until one of you raises your eyebrows, that person is the loser. It’s kind of like a fun version of the Staring Game. It is important, though, that you both keep talking to one another, without discourse it’s very easy to keep your eyebrows down. I’d suggest you try it, because all people do move their eyebrows when they talk (though some do more than others) and it’s fun drawing the conversation over into eyebrow raising territory as a sneaky ploy to get them to lose (though this can backfire)! Have fun.

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