The Food of the Soul

I have a few friends who I have not seen for extended periods of time, which is sad. However, what’s also sad is the fact that they tend to feel very bad about it and even worry about me holding it against them or something like that. So I thought I would write a blog post with a nice metaphor to explain it. Are you ready? The metaphor is pretty tight.

Imagine you love Nando’s (or porridge, or pizza, or cheese or any delicious food) and, for whatever reason, you end up going a year without eating that food. In that time do you stop liking that food? Absolutely not! In fact, next time you eat it, it will probably taste even better than you remembered it tasting, since you haven’t had that sweet taste in so long. Every person has a unique sense of taste and certain foods taste certain ways to certain people. That won’t change much in their life. Do you see where I’m going with that?

Well, think of the positive energy generated when spending time with friends as the food for the soul. Yes, you may feel sad if you can’t have your favourite food food for a long time, but all that means is that you’ll be even happier when you can finally eat that sweet, sweet soul food once again. Plus, maybe not having it for a while encourages you to try new foods and to have more of a varied. A nice positive.

I think that does a good job of summarising my feelings towards friends who drift away over time.

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