The Joy of Tying Things Together

Since a very young age, I have enjoyed playing video games which star the loveable gorilla known as Donkey Kong. Earlier this year, I watched an anime called Assassination Classroom and fell in love with the main character, Koro-sensei (a superbeing with a yellow smiley face who is threatening to destroy the Earth, but who’s also a really good, caring teacher.)

Regular readers will know that I like to follow fictional crossovers so that I can tie everything together (I find it enormously satisfying) and last night I found out that there is a fictional character who has met both Donkey Kong and Koro-sensei.

Her name is Chitoge Kirisaki and she is one of the main characters in a manga called Nisekoi. In all honesty, I have never read it before – nor have I seen its anime adaptation. But I have seen her.

Where have I seen her before? Well, evidently, Naoshi Komi, the author behind the Nisekoi manga, is a fan of the Super Mario series asĀ  Chitoge is in the game Super Mario Maker. When Mario eats a Mystery Mushroom, he’ll transform into another character and not only can you become Chitoge Kirisaki through that process, but Donkey Kong too. A year before, she had been in the fighting game J-Stars Victory VS which brings together various manga characters, including Koro-sensei.

So that’s the story of the woman who met Koro-sensei and Donkey Kong. I guess you could say that I am jealous of her. I wonder which of the two she thinks has the nicest smile? As pearly and white as DK’s toothy grin is, I don’t think there’s any chance she doesn’t prefer Koro-sensei’s emoji-like smile

It’s completely irrational and these connections have no reflection on the quality of the main body of work, but I am still utterly delighted by this.

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