The Kite Flies

It has been quite a while since I last used my blog to recommend other work that I’ve found out there on the internet. A big part of the reason for this was that I felt like posts that do nothing but promote something else tend to lack much real value of their own and I worried that they came across as lazy. Today I am feeling particularly lazy (I have to get up in six hours!) and so, I’m just writing a blog post along those lines…. What I meant to say was, um, that I’m writing it out of genuine desire to help a fellow blogger find new readers.

Anyway, I believe I may have mentioned before that earlier this year a friend of mine moved to China to teach English as foreign language, which is all very impressive and exciting. In order to document their experiences while travelling in that country, they have started a blog which they call The Kite Flies. I enjoy reading it, in part, because I always like to hear about things that my good friends are doing, but it’s a well written blog and the kind of thing that should appeal to anyone who’s interested in travel or teaching. Go and take a look and leave lots of encouraging comments.

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