The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

PictureFor the main details of the game, read the review of the original here. Now, I will be talking specifically about the changes to the game for its 3DS remake. I’ll go over the changes which are good, and those which are bad.

Good Changes:

  • The graphics are improved, strolling around in the Hylian wilderness is now even nicer than it was before! Some of the stranger looking things in the game also look much better too.
  • You can now replay boss battles! In the original, once you killed them they never came back.
  • I won’t spoil it, but, after you defeat the final boss, there is a lot more to do after beating the final boss in this one than in the original.
  • Obviously it’s portable now, so you can play this amazing game anywhere!
  • You can also play the whole thing in 3D which, sometimes, works very well.

Bad Changes:

  • The files no longer keep count of how many times you’ve died. This doesn’t bother me, but I know some people enjoy ‘no death runs’ and things like that. Without the death counter, there’s nothing to show for this.

Another change is that there is a Sheikah Stone in the game now. The Sheikah Stone will pretty much tell you how to solve every puzzle in every dungeon. You don’t HAVE to speak to him, but it’s there if you need it. I’m kind of neutral about this change. I never used it myself; I don’t think the game is hard enough to warrant it. It might be very useful for some people though.

On the whole, this is, I think, just a tiny bit better than the original, but there are barely any changes: 9.6/10

Buy it here.

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