The Magic of Life

I’m friends with a lot of writers and I have to say, that in general, I really like to spend my time and form bonds with people who write. Don’t get me wrong, some of my very best friends are non-writers and my relationships with them are no less valuable, but there’s a distinct quality in writers that I like very much indeed.

The distinct quality I am referring to, is the ability of writer’s to see the magic of life. And I know what you’re thinking: what a load of cliched nonsense. What am I? An inspirational quote on Facebook followed by ‘share if you agree’? And as much as it is a bit cheesy and not something which is true in all cases, it is something that I’ve observed in a number of people.

I find that writers are more likely to appreciate the beauty and poetry of places and situations. They tend to appreciate sentimentality – especially when I find creative ways to express it, which is good because I love doing that. Social events with writers are ‘adventures’ and they tend to make sure that you share unique experiences with them – they tend to make nice gestures too. You also have the unique opportunity of seeing how their minds and thoughts work, when you get to read some of what they have written.

The fact that they see the magic of life, helps me to see the magic of life too and I feel like it’s two parts of a circuit; I am a writer myself, after all. I think when we come together, we bring out the creativity in one another, provide each other with the opportunity to bounce ideas around and really let our ‘writer’ personas let loose. Writers are wonderful and I’m glad to know so many of them.

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