The Marketing Potential of Internet Trolls

For the last two months, I have been back doing digital marketing work, which is good. It’s the kind of work I enjoy doing the most. In that time, I have noticed something quite interesting.

I currently work for a charity and, as a result, there are some people who are strongly opposed to their work. With businesses that I’ve worked for in the past, there was never anything to prompt anything particularly negative, but it seems like wildlife conservation is something which can stir up bad feelings with certain people (for some reason.)

But as irritating as these negative comments are, I think they’re actually useful. I notice that the Facebook posts with the most negative comments are the ones which tend to generate the most money. Are these two things connected?

On the one hand, it could be that the ones making the most money have the most negative comments because they are seen by the most people. On the other hand, I feel like negative comments might be beneficial to some organisations. These comments are so obviously wrong and written with such clear maliciousness, that it’s easy to see who the good guy is. I feel like it makes the organisation into an under dog – it clearly highlights the ignorance that we are fighting against. Perhaps people then donate in order to oppose the nasty commenters and to distance themselves from them. It’s only a theory, but I think it has its merits…

When I first started, I wanted to find a way to block the same trolls who would comments all the time – but now, I hope that they will comment because they are doing good that they don’t realise. Or at least, I think they are/

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