The Naked Run

I seem to remember being at a house party in 2009, but the strange thing about it was, that none of my closest friends were there, so I can’t quite understand why I was there. But, anyway, this little story starts just after I’d make a quick visit to the house’s toilet. I was coming back downstairs, and a group of three people (I shan’t mention their names) were standing around at the bottom (all of them drunk).
    “Hey Adam,” said one of them, male. “We’re just about to play a game, would you like to join in?”
    “Well, what game are we playing?” I asked.
    “Basically, it’s just called ‘Naked Run’ and we just strip naked and then run around outside.” While he was speaking, he’d been taking his clothes off, and he was standing beside me completely naked by the time he was finished.
    “Oh I see, I see. I’m not sure that I’d like that game very much,” I replied.
    With that, he opened the door and ran off into the darkness of the night. It was then that I realised that the girl beside me had pulled off her shirt and was about to remove her bra, and that the guy behind me was already stripped down to his boxer shorts.
    “Hang on a minute,” I raised my hands to try and ‘halt’ them, “are you entirely sure this is a good idea? It may seem fun now, but is it really worth the inevitable naked photographs that will end up floating around on the internet? I think it’s probably a better idea if you just put your clothes back on.”
    They both paused for a moment, and then started to re-dress.
    Somebody else came into the hallway, and opened the front door. Outside, the lone naked runner could be seen in the distance running around. This new person laughed to himself, then closed the front door again, pulled out a key and locked it. They key holder ran off, and a few seconds later we could hear the naked person banging on the door and calling to the other one to let him back inside. Luckily, he didn’t seem too sad, and was actually laughing to himself about it. Eventually, the other guy relented and let him back inside. The runner then came up to me and, still naked, put his arm around my shoulder.
    “Alright, Adam,” he said. “I was a little disappointed that you weren’t out there running naked alongside me!”
    “Oh, I’m sorry! I hope you still had fun on your own.”
    “Why didn’t you do it too? In fact, why don’t you do it by yourself right now?”
    The two who had almost been naked runners seemed very in favour of this idea.
    “Oh, I just don’t really want to.”
    “Ah go on Adam, everybody wants you to!” said one of them.
    “Well to be perfectly honest with you, I just don’t want anybody to see my absolutely tiny little penis,” I looked at the naked guy and smiled at him.
    “Well, that’s fair enough, mate!” he patted me on the back. “At least you’re honest.”
    And so that’s the story of the Naked Run. I can’t say that it’s a game I’ve ever come across again! And I can’t say that I’m disappointed by that fact either. Should you ever find yourself involved with a game of it, all I can say is: good luck!

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