The Pattern of Years

There are still two blog posts by other authors to come, but for now I’ve decided to write a little something for New Year’s Day. Will 2014 be a good year for me? Well, looking back, my life seems to follow a pattern of having a good year and then having a bad year and then a good year again and onward. This pattern fits the past eight years,

2006: good year
I made some really wonderful friends who I’ll remember forever.

2007: bad year
My Dad died.

2008: good year
I made some more wonderful friends who I’ll remember forever and I got really comfortable at school, very much enjoying all of my classes.

2009: bad year
It was the last year of compulsory education. I stayed for sixth form but I had to say goodbye to a lot of people, including some close friends. I lost contact with most of these people.

2010: good year
I began to really love my sixth form and forged some really strong friendships.

2011: bad year
The end of sixth form. Even more goodbyes.

2012: good year
By now I’d really settled into university and loved it there just as much as I’d loved the sixth form. I developed two very strong friendships and then my friends began to live together and I had a wonderful kind of second home in Bath where I’d often stay overnight.

2013: bad year
My friends all fell out and didn’t live together any more. Then I had a temporary falling out with one of them too.

Therefore, 2014 should be a good year! Of course, I’m not saying my life is on some up and down path, it’s probably much more a case of me changing the facts to fit the theory. There are good things in the ‘bad’ years that I’ve not mentioned and bad things in the ‘good’ years that I’ve not mentioned, this is just an overview and how I remember the years happening. Perhaps this could even reflect the way that my mind works, getting sad about something and then moving on from it by the next year. Who knows? I’d also not like to be so critical of 2013, lots of wonderful things have happened this year too.

One final thing I’d like to say, is that I made an interesting observation when updating my Friend Square the other day, You may wonder what a Friend Square is, so, I’d better explain: when I first started university I got the idea to make a picture of the faces of all of my friends so it could be my wallpaper. I did this easily just by resizing photographs from Facebook, rather than through any artistic skill. It’s hard to explain the criteria I used to decide who qualified for inclusion, but, basically, it was anybody that I liked a lot. Since then, I’ve added anybody who I’m especially fond of to it. I’d post it up here for you all to see, but, some people don’t like to have their photos posted so I’d better not. Anyway, there’s twenty-six people on it now, the three members of my immediate family and twenty-three friends, all of them there in the order that I’ve met them. Two people were added lately and now it’s too big to be a desktop wallpaper, which is nice, I think. I wonder if there’ll be anybody else to add by this time next year? And I wonder what new memories I’ll have to remember.

Happy New Year!

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