The Problem With Long Term Blogging

I’ve been writing several posts a week for this blog for over five years now. I’ve told many anecdotes from my life, reviewed many books and video games and shared my thoughts on a number of topics. I don’t imagine that I will run out of ideas and be unable to update this blog any time soon, but there is one problem I have encountered when it comes to blogging for such an extended period of time: I have to be very careful not to repeat myself.

As of now there are over one thousand blog posts, all of them 200 – 1,000 words long. That’s a lot that I’ve written about myself and my perspectives on the world. A lot of my ideas for blog posts come from random thoughts which pop into my head while I’m doing something (usually riding the bus) and then I just extrapolate those into more comprehensive things that I can write about. The problem is that I might sometimes get a random thought and think “Oh, that’ll make a nice blog post” without realising that I’ve had identical thought processes in the past. With so many blog posts, I don’t have them all memorised. So these days, every time I write a new blog post, I first have to do a quick search through the old posts (for certain keywords) to see whether I’ve already written it! Thankfully, there have only been two times when I found a post already written, but it’s still a little difficult to think of a replacement post at the last minute.

I guess the real worry would be that I might one day write a blog that I have already written before and only realise after it’s done. Then, in this hypothetical worst case scenario, I might find that the original was better written than the second one, making the second effectively worthless. Hopefully that will never happen. I just wanted to share a small reflection on blogging which people may not have considered before.

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