The Terrible SEO on This Site

I suppose I should acknowledge this: I’ve got pretty bad SEO on the Trusty Water Blog. I haven’t entered proper meta descriptions for most of my posts, I usually just post blocks of text which aren’t ever really broken up by rich text snippets and I barely ever put any images in my posts either. To be honest, some people could look at this website and think that I have only the vaguest understanding of how to optimise web content for search engines. Which is a shame, as I feel like I have at least an intermediate level of understanding.

So why has my site got such bad SEO then? Well, I started keeping this blog in 2011 – to be quite honest, I’m not sure I’d have even known what SEO was back then. I was just using this blog as a platform to write about funny and unusual things which happened to me. Back then, I was also using Weebly as my content management system, rather than WordPress (as I am now), which lacks many of the SEO features of WordPress. I suppose I first started to learn about SEO in late 2012, by which point I already had a few hundred blog posts written.

As of today, I’ve got over a thousand posts – none of them have particularly good SEO. I could go back and optimise them, but it would be a rather mammoth task. I could start doing all these extra little things now, but I already end up writing these blog posts as quickly as possible at the end of the day before bed – I don’t really want to make it any more time consuming!

Personally, since I cover such a wide range of subjects, I don’t think I’m ever likely to rank particularly highly for any keywords anyway. I like to think that my posts may be enjoyable to read, even if they’re not as good as they could be from an SEO perspective. I hope that this site highlights the fact that writing is my passion and that it provides a few things which people might like to read. I still get to enjoy about three hundred regular readers, so I must be doing something right! I just wanted to address the issue of SEO on here, even if it’s in the context of acknowledging that I will never do anything about it.

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