The Torrent of Time

This evening I happened to come across an old blog post I wrote in 2011 called The Flow of Time. At the time, I was just about to leave the Corsham School and that blog post was a nostalgic reflection of how I had had so many experiences during my time there and that time seemed to start flowing more quickly as I got older.

What’s funny about this to me is that I was feeling wistful and nostalgic, but by that point in my life, I hadn’t even had the experiences which are now the most important to me! In fact, I hadn’t even properly developed into the person I would become. I was still so young – still a child, really.

Like I said in that original blog post, I did meet a lot of people at that school who I cared a lot about and I would’t mean to suggest that meeting them was not important. But they’re still in my life now and I consider the experiences I’ve shared with them as adults to be significantly more valuable. Plus there’s the fact that a great deal of the people who I am the closest with and who I feel the most affection for, were still unknown to me when I was writing – and yet at this point in life I could write paragraphs of how nostalgic I am for the times I spent with them!

But here’s the nicest thing about that blog post: while I was writing it, it never occured to me that I was on the precipice of times which would soon become some of my most cherished memories. Just four months after writing that, I was making friends who would be enormously important to me and sharing experiences which I’ll always cherish.

Who knows what, in as little as four months time, might have changed in my life? What memories am I yet to form? What bonds are yet to be forged? I can’t wait to find out.

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