This Moment

At any given time, we’re the sum of all our experiences which lead up to this moment. I look back at the time when I was dangling over the edge of a cliff in the Welsh countryside, then later to the time when I persuaded a woman at an amusement arcade to give my friends a prize despite not having enough tickets because they worked so hard, to being told I owe my whole school year an apology for my behaviour, to hiding under the school sofas because I was ill, to an emotional leaving presentation in my sixth form, starting this blog, making new friends, creating missing cow posters, visiting Nando’s for the first time, feeling new feelings, starting a webcomic,  helping avert brownie fires, saying goodbye to very many people, arguing with corrupt business owners, meeting cast members of The Waltons, getting punched by too many people, becoming depressed at a call centre…

It’s all actually one string of events, despite these seeming so disconnected. A deterministic view says that it could never have happened any other way. Every experience, every hello, every goodbye, every tear, every smile, every Trusty Water Bottle and every friend all leading up to this moment – the culmination of my life; the culmination of so many emotions and experiences that I could never adequately capture them all in writing, even if I had a life time. And what is this moment? Oh, I’m just eating a bag of doritos. I’ve got a nice dip too. But that’s every moment. This moment will always be the sum of your life.

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