TülinKei’s Twisted World

_ For today’s blog entry, I’m just going to show you an extremely good poem written by my friend TülinKei (That’s her pen name, I’ve mentioned one of her blogs on here before). Basically, this poem contains the stark contrasts of pessimism and optimism, both of which are mixed with a lovely kind of childlike innocence. It’s so good, that I decided I should post it here (with approval) for all to see. This is it:

You were sick. And I tried all I could, but I couldn’t fix you.
Your broken pieces covered the ground,
And I couldn’t bare to look any more… So I…
Painted them. With as many colours as I could.
Feeling that it wasn’t enough,
I placed bows on your arms,
And glitter on your feet.
I drew very carefully on your hands,
Little pictures of birds and angels.
And before I knew it,
The pieces I loved so much were beautiful.
And then I realised, that you too,
covered me with stars.
I now look in the mirror, and you stand beside me.
Despite living in a twisted world,
We make the sky look beautiful.

Pretty good hey? You can find more of her poems on her blog TulinKei, here’s a link to it (this isn’t one I’ve pasted a link to before either, this is a poetry only blog.) While Twisted World may be, in my opinion, the best thing on there, there are lots of other very high quality poems, so I suggest you take a look, what harm can it do?

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