Top 10 Saddest Moments in TV Shows and Films Part 2

I don’t really think I need to write much of an introduction for the entry (read the one I wrote on part 1) so here are numbers 5-1 of what I think to be the saddest moments in TV shows and films (and internet series).
5. One Foot in the Grave: Things Aren’t Simple Any More
I’m sure you’ll probably have heard of this series about an old man named Victor Meldrew who always seems to get himself into very unfortunate situations, but what you may not know is that in the very last episode (Things Aren’t Simple Any More) he dies. When the episode starts, he’s already dead, and generally it doesn’t really seem too sad as funny things are still happening. Then the story of his death is slowly told through flashback, and the ‘present day’ story has his wife telling people all about several of the crazy adventures he got himself into shortly before he died, but none of these are shown in the flashbacks. The story then gets to a point where Victor is run over and killed while waiting for Margret (his wife) to drive him home… Then the song End of the Line by The Travelling Wilburys plays while we see the, previously unseen, crazy situations he got himself into that his wife was speaking about after his death… Much sadder than it sounds.
4. Jake and Amir: Sick Day Part 3 (Goodbye)
I’ve mentioned before that I’m a fan of Jake and Amir, in fact, it was the subject of my first ‘top 10’ entry. It also is going to make up the only entry on this list that is an internet series (then again, the only other internet series I watch is Marble Hornets, and that’s just plain creepy). Now, I’ll briefly explain what Jake and Amir is, as it’s a little obscure and some of you may not have heard of it before. Basically, Jake and Amir is a series of roughly five minute stories, of Amir (a weird and stupid person) and Jake (a mostly normal guy) working at their office. Amir is utterly obsessed with Jake and often tries, and fails, to impress him through various unintelligent means, usually making Jake like him less and get angry. It’s often implied that Jake utterly hates Amir and everything about him (despite the fact that Amir practically worships Jake). But this episode (Sick Day Part 3) is an exception; this episode is Jake’s last day at work before he leaves for a new job. He hasn’t told Amir yet, and when he does, Amir utterly breaks down and practically begs Jake to stay, but Jake ignores him and walks off to the lift, leaving Amir standing and crying by himself. Then, just before the doors of the lift close, Amir comes in and the two of them hug each other. Luckily, Jake later comes back to his old job and the status quo is resolved, if it wasn’t, this might be a little higher on my list! I strongly suggest you watch this series; it is free and online after all!
3. Torchwood: Children of Earth
I did make a little rule for this top 10 that no TV Show would have two different episodes on different parts of this list, and technically Torchwood is a different show from Doctor Who so I’m going to include this moment from the third series of the show. Basically, the immortal Captain Jack and his boyfriend Ianto storm into the alien base and make some demands. Unfortunately, the aliens ignore them and then gas the place… Jack, while immortal, can still die, he just comes back to life a short while later, so Jack and Ianto slowly die of the gas, holding each other in their arms. Jack later revives and he and Gwen (another member of the Torchwood team) then look tearily down on the dead body of Ianto, who had previously been my personal favourite character in the series.
2. Futurama: Jurassic Bark
Another comedy series on my list of ‘sad’ moments! It seems that comedy series, ironically, are just better at making people feel sad. Perhaps, when a series is really funny, a sad moment creates such a contrast that it seems so much sadder in comparison?
I’m sure you’ve all heard of Futurama, so I won’t bother to explain its premise to you. Futurama actually has a surprisingly large amount of sad or emotional moments, but the ending of Jurassic Bark is by far the saddest. In this episode, Fry finds the remains of the dog he had back in the 20th century before he was frozen and sent to the future. The Professor tells Fry that he can revive the dog and Fry spends the episode preparing to have his old pet back. However, shortly before the dog is to be revived, The Professor tells Fry the dog’s age at its death and it turns out that it lived another ten years or so after Fry left. As such, Fry decides that he shouldn’t have the dog revived as it must’ve had a full life with other people after he left and it had probably forgotten him… That’s pretty sad on its own right? Well it gets worse. Then, as the credits role, we see that Fry was quite wrong. The song I Will Wait For You by Connie Francis plays while we see the dog loyally standing and waiting for his master’s return for the entire ten years. Probably especially effective if you have a dog of your own.
1. Grave of the Fireflies
This is the only film on this list, I think generally you don’t get to know the characters in films as well as those in TV series (due to the fact that film characters just have the film, but TV characters have hundreds of episodes) and so you don’t care as much when something bad happens to a film character. I guess that say something about this film… The story of this film is basically that of two orphans trying to survive in Japan during World War 2, one boy (aged roughly fifteen) and one girl (aged roughly four or three years old). Obviously this doesn’t end well, and the little girl dies at the end of the film, then we’re shown many happy moments of her life while sad music plays. We also know that shortly after this the boy dies too… It has to be seen to be believed, this really is the saddest thing I’ve seen out of any film or TV show.
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