I recently had my friend Tülin stay at my house overnight, and that was awfully nice because I’ve never done that before. We had a lovely day, including eating delicious pizzas, having a couple of walks and a video call with my other friend Rhino Water. But of course, the time eventually came for the fun to end and for us to go to bed.
    Sadly, there was something which I’d overlooked. A lot of people tell me that they struggle to sleep lately, because it’s far too hot in their bedrooms, but I’m very lucky not to have that problem in my room. It was a problem, however, with the additional body heat generated by their being an extra person sleeping in the room and I really did struggle to sleep that night. My friend, however, seemed to have been slightly luckier.
    I’d been lying awake, trying to sleep, when the silence was unexpectedly broken by Tülin.
    “That must be a pain,” she said.
    It was rather muffled though, and I didn’t entirely hear what she said.
    “Did you just say that you were in pain?” I asked, quite concerned. I moved closer to her so that I would definitely hear what she said next.
    “No, I just said it must be a pain, about the trousers, I mean,” she elaborated.
    “What trousers? I’m afraid I’m quite confused,” I said.
    “Weren’t we just having a conversation about how you find it hard to find trousers that fit, because you’re so tall?”
    “Well, we did have a conversation along those lines about two years ago, but certainly not within the last few minutes.”
    “Oh, well, I guess I dreamt the first half of the conversation,” she said.
    “That makes sense,” I said.
    “Sorry, goodnight!” and she went back to sleep. Hopefully my dream-counterpart found a more interesting conversation topic than the difficulty of finding trousers after that.

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