Something I’ve found myself talking about with a lot people (as I’m sure you’ve guessed from the title (which I’m sure you’re tired of me saying)) is the subject of trust. I know that a few of my friends view me as somebody who is too trusting. I, of course, think that I am the correct amount of trusting.

I recently found myself in a situation where somebody was lying to me. This was somebody new, somebody with whom I did not yet share any kind of significant bond. When they lied, I was instantly suspicious (in context, there were lots of reasons for me to be so) and while I did momentarily feel guilty about my suspiciousness, I was proven right not too long afterwards. I wasn’t too bothered and I was pretty pleased with myself for identifying the deceit. Now I know that that person cannot be trusted (as they actually lied to me a handful of times at once.) They do not have my trust.

But once I have formed a significant bond with people, they also have my unending trust too. I know, once or twice, people have told me not to trust certain people, but in those cases I’ve never really had it backfire on me. I place my trust in people when I feel that they deserve it, even if they may have had discretions in the past. I have a circle of very trustworthy and reliable friends and I think it’s because trustworthiness is a virtue I can spot in people.

My default is to trust people, rather than to not. I would rather be betrayed, than never trust anybody in the first place.

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