Trusty Book Reviews

For almost a decade I’ve been writing reviews of (almost) every book I’ve read and then posting them here on this blog. At this point, there are over two hundred of them. I’ve really enjoyed doing it and will always continue to do so, but I’ve decided to do something else with my book reviews.

About a month and a half ago, I opened up an Instagram account called Trusty Book Reviews (@trustybook) and I am currently posting a condensed version of my reviews in a snazzy little graphic every single day. I’m really enjoying it and it’s helping me to reach a following which I don’t reach through this site alone. Plus, by engaging with the “bookstagram” community, I’m learning about all kinds of interesting books which I’d never have heard of otherwise and my “to-read” list is growing substantially.

So, anyway, I doubt that there are many (or any?) people who have read every single book review that I’ve ever posted on here and if you like that kind of content from me, then I recommend following my new Instagram account. For some people, my miniature single paragraph reviews might be preferable to the lengthier reviews I post on this blog.

It’s something I’m glad I’ve decided to start doing and something I quite enjoy. It’s nice to interact with so many people who care about books just as much as I do.

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