Trusty Water Advent Calendar (Day 1)

So now it’s December 1st! As you can see, I’ve put the blog’s Christmas decorations up, the Christmas tree in the picture, by the way, is secretly just a giant water bottle disguised as a tree. But anyway, for the next twenty five days I will be updating my blog every single day with a Christmas themed entry, turning it into an advent calendar for those people who are too cool to have an actual chocolate one, but not too cool to read a blog based one. Of course, being a blog, there is the big disadvantage I have of not actually being able to give you chocolate (which is very nice). So I hope you’ll enjoy the Trusty Water Advent Calendar 😀

And gosh darn it! This blog is stuck in America time, so it says that it was written on the 30th November when, in reality, it’s 7:30am December 1st!

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