Undelivered Christmas Card

For the last few months, I’ve had a particularly boring job. I wouldn’t say that it’s bad per say (and I have had a really bad job before) but I don’t enjoy it very much. But, being quite a social person, one of the things that made it enjoyable for me, was talking to the woman who sat next to me.

Whenever we could, we’d complain about how the job was rubbish and how we couldn’t wait to leave*. It was an “inbetween job” for both of us and we both had a couple of things on the horizon. Not too long ago, I was telling her how one of those opportunities was looking very promising. She said she hoped I would get it, but that the job would be much less enjoyable without me there to complain with. I was quite touched, it made me feel important.

I had a day off after that and I used the time to write up my Christmas cards. Naturally, I wrote out a card for my friendly colleague. The next day, I brought it in, looking forward to handing it over. But she wasn’t in… Which was weird, since I was sure she said she would be. The next day came and the next. No sign of her.

Eventually, the next set of rotas were put up on the intranet for us to look over. Her name was not on the list and, as it turns out, she must have moved on to new opportunities. It’s nice that she has been able to escape the job that she disliked, but it is sad that that one Christmas card will remain forever undelivered…


*If my glorious benefactors happen to be reading this, please know that I am exaggerating for comic effect.

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