People who read my blog have often mentioned to me that they think I’m unlucky. Several people have said that they think I have a knack for attracting strange people and situations. Oscar Taylor-Kent, in his blog entry for this site, even pointed out that it seems strange that so many strange things would happen to one person. But I have to say, I don’t really agree.
    I don’t think that I’m particularly unlucky at all, or that I attract any more unusual situations that the next person. I think, in actuality, the truth is that I unintentionally give people the impression that this is the case. Most probably, anybody could keep a blog based on strange anecdotes. When I write them down, it helps me to remember them and therefore the memory is preserved, whereas with somebody who doesn’t record all of these things, they’ll just forget about them. There’s no reason that any more things should happen to me than anybody else, and I just think it’s because I have a blog which is known to be full of unusual anecdotes that I have the reputation for attracting strange situations. You should try writing down all the funny and weird things that happen to you, not necessarily on a public blog, even a private journal would do, and before long you’ll see that you have quite a trove of stories that my otherwise have faded from memory (also, memorising all these funny stories does mean you have lots of things to talk about at social events!).

(also, it’s Friday so don’t miss this week’s Finger Puppet Show!)

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