Unofficial Chinese Pokémon Cards

A few weeks ago, I was blessed with a rare visit from my world travelling friend, Tulin. Together with my housemate Sophie, we went to get some delicious food and had an all-round lovely evening.

Not only was her company appreciated, but so too were the gifts that she brought me, including, most interestingly, some unofficial Chinese Pokémon cards. Here’s a quick look at all of them:

I know the quality of the photo may not be perfect (it took a couple of attempts) but I have to say that I really admire the quality of the cards. Though the art style doesn’t quite match up with what you’d get in official packs, I do like that they have their own aesthetic. My favourite ones from these are Darkrai, Aerodactyl and Geodude. It was a really nice gift and a glimpse at something I’d otherwise never have encountered. I shall keep them safe.

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