Video Games and Creativity

I’m just writing a super quick blog post because it is quite late and I need to get to bed. Why is it so late? Well, you see, I was playing the new game Super Mario Maker. I absolutely love it and I got really into making a level based on Fire Emblem: Awakening. I’m a fairly creative person (as I’m sure you can tell since you’re reading my blog) and I have several other ideas for things to make in Super Mario Maker which have me quite excited. It got me thinking about the connection between creativity and video games; most creative people I know like video games. More so, I would say, than the non-creatives that I know. Do video games appeal more to creative people? If you think about it some of the most successful video games, such as Minecraft, allow players to be very creative. Does the rather unique experience that each player has with a video game mean that it appeals more to creative types? That’s just something to think about, before bed.
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