What’s This Blog About?

When I meet people and am introducing myself, I often mention that I have a blog. My reasoning is that, if then they want to get back in touch with me, they can look up my blog and find me through there. Once I mention to people that I have a blog, and that it’s called Trusty Water Blog, their first question is usually “and what’s it about?” to which I normally reply “Oh, it’s just about funny and weird things that happen to me” but I’ve been thinking about that recently, and, really, that’s not true.
    Really, what this blog is about, is friendship. Of course, telling people it’s about friendship would probably make them think it’s really boring, but the reason I write these things up is because I really value my memories of time with friends. I might be writing an anecdote about something that happened five years ago, with a friend I don’t have any real contact with anymore, but through writing it up, I re-experience it and remember fondly how I had enjoyed the time we had together. I write this blog to remember the nice visits to Bath town with David Tubb, the lovely sleepovers with Tülin, sharing writing with Oscar and Sophie, nights out with Elliott Egan, visits to London with Mairi and many others. I shan’t mention everyone, because that will take too long and get boring because everyone from my past is very important to me, but that’s the appeal of this for me. I write about something that just happened, then in a few years, when I can’t see the people involved any more, I reread it and remember them fondly. So, really, this blog stands as a testament to the fun I have had with each and every one of my friends and how much I love them all. And it will continue to be that, for years to come.
    Oh, and it’s also about video games and books.
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