When We First Met…

  • You recognised The Waltons from my t-shirt and I knew we had to eventually become best friends. I was right.
  • You were a friend of a friend and I thought you were really cool. I wanted us to be friends as well, so I made it happen.
  • We clicked instantly. That very day I imagined we’d become really good friends. I was wrong.
  • We were given a professional introduction and shared a handshake. At the time, I wondered if I’d remember it as a significant moment in future. I did.
  • I wasn’t in the mood to meet new people and make new friends, but I thought I might regret it if I didn’t make the effort. If I hadn’t had done so, it would have been one of the biggest losses of my life.
  • You told me that I was really good looking and that you “liked tall men.” In retrospect, your romantic interest should have been obvious.
  • I got the strong impression that you weren’t too keen on me. Three months later, as you gave me a hug and said I was really sweet, I felt pretty smug about my powers of winning people over.
  • You spoke a lot about The Urbz and somehow a best friendship grew out of my second hand information.
  • I literally rolled my eyes and shook my head once you were out of sight. Years later, I don’t always roll my eyes.
  • You were a new person at school, so I thought it was a chance to win someone over because they wouldn’t yet know that I was really weird. It worked pretty well.
  • I called you by the name of someone I used to know, amusing myself with the thought that it was like a replacement actor for the same character – as it turns out, you actually had the same name.
  • I took out my Trusty Water Bottle to have a sip, hoping that it would give you an easy visual cue to identify me by.

It’s quite interesting to look back at the encounters which, at the time, seemed to be quite insignificant, but which later ended up leading to important relationships and experiences. It makes you realise that you could have one of these experiences any day of your life. Somebody could just say “Hello” and then all of a sudden your life is set on a path which changes everything for the better. It’s quite a comforting thought, I think.

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