White Lion Parade

As you are likely to know, I do enjoy shining the Trusty Water Spotlight onto other creatives and artists that I know and today I’d like to tell you a little about a band called White Lion Parade, featuring a good friend of mine on the drums. Here’s a music video that they released recently:

It sounds good, doesn’t it? It’s the kind music that I don’t think you find that often these days. To be honest, I am terrible at analysing music critically, so that last sentence probably has no real value, but I will say this: it’s good. It’s the kind of music I’d like to hear on in the background while having a drink in a pub and which would then leave me with the impression that that pub had a good atmosphere and I’d later tell other people that it had a good atmosphere. Anyway, just listen to the song – it’s good to support independent artists!

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