Who Was I?

First of all, I’d like to apologise for the fact that I did not post anything here on Friday. The truth is that I was away visiting friends and I never find the time to write a blog post when I do that. Anyway, something I wanted to draw attention to is the fact that as of earlier this month, I have been writing this blog for seven years – that’s a long time!

I thought about how much my blog and the content I write here has changed in that time. My blog posts today are very different to the blog posts of 2011. To be honest, this is not very surprising, because the me of today is very different to the me of 2011. It may have only been six years, but in that time I have had a very large number of significant experiences which have all impacted on me. Many of my beliefs and values have taken a significant shift as well.

Really, it’s quite strange to think about how much I have changed, even if it is only in ways which most people may not perceive. I guess we’re all undergoing a constant metamorphosis. It’s kind of frightening and exciting at the same time to think that the me of 2023 may be as different as the me of today is to the me of 2011.

It’s pretty good though, because if my past self could see me now and everything that I have in my life, I think they would be very happy indeed. The life I have now is the life I wanted when I was younger and I think that I have been extremely lucky in that regard. The optimist in me likes to think that all the things I want in life just now, could well be realised in just a space of six years. I might continue this thought in Friday’s blog post.

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