Lately, I’ve had a few people despairingly say to me that winter is coming soon and that already summer is coming to its end. Now, it is slightly disappointing that we’ll soon be losing the long days and warmth of the summer, but winter is, in my opinion, underappreciated.
    As such, I’ve decided to use today’s blog entry to talk all about the things that we can look forward to in the months to come. I think the most obvious appeal of winter, is that this is the time of year that contains Christmas, and with Christmas comes the joys of finding great gifts for all your close friends and family, and of course, on the flip side of that point, the joys of receiving great gifts from close friends and family. But rather than focusing on all the really great things about Christmas, I’ll talk about good things that apply more generally just to winter.
    Firstly, during the summer, it’s often so hot at night, that it takes up a large amount of time simply trying to get cool and comfortable before you can sleep, but in the winter, the whole bed is comfortable and you’ll spend a good part of the day looking forward to its warm embrace in the night. Sleeping isn’t as relaxing at any other time of year as it is during winter.
    Secondly, when it doesn’t get dark until around 9 p.m. or 10 p.m., don’t you begin to miss ever having a walk in the darkness? I don’t know, perhaps this point only applies to me, but I think that there’s something that’s strangely peaceful about being out in the dark… Especially when it’s cold out too. Plus, there’s the pleasure of coming into a nice warm house (where all of your favourite things are) which can never be enjoyed during the summer.
    Finally, there’s snow during winter. This may seem like a rather bad point, I mean, after all, snow is a problem: it stops mobility, is very cold and will eventually be very slippery. But there’s a thrill, at least in my case, that you’ll always get when you open your curtains in the morning and find the world covered in pure white snow.
    I hope this has cheered up those of you who are miserable about the end of summer, and I’d also like to apologise for posting this entry so late!
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